Answering Your Questions Starting A Business

Answering Your Questions About Self Employment

Things Self Employed Small Business Owners Should Know – Answering Your Questions

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We now have most of the content on our website completed in video format and we have been sharing our videos across our social media for a couple of weeks now. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to share and provide feedback. We have had some really useful constructive feedback, tips and encouragement for which we are incredibly grateful.

Original followers will know that, initially our channel was aimed at a small number of people, informally providing demos & guidance on using software for MTD. Now that our FREE resources have grown, we intend to recreate these demos in order that they will be more professional, clearer & easier to hear!

We had planned to get this all in place before launching our blog, however we have already had questions coming in & we don’t want anyone to feel that we are ignoring that or not intending to help. In view of this, we have brought this forward & will use our blog to start providing guidance and support on the issues that YOU are asking for