Environmental Impact

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Environmental impact refers to the impact that your business has on the environmental. Some common impacts are:

  • • air pollution
  • • water pollution (seas, rivers, groundwater)
  • • soil pollution
  • • waste production
  • • noise pollution
  • • damage to ecosystems and loss of biodiversity

Human activity has an impact on the environment and it is important for you to know what impact your business has and how this can be reduced or offset. An environmental offset is where you are unable to remove the environmental impact and therefore another activity is taken to counterbalance that impact.

An environmental impact assessment seeks to measure the actual impact that your business activities have on the environment which will then enable you to reduce your impact or introduce activities to offset

Some business activities will require you to measure and manage your environmental impact by regulations, even if not, it is a high priority for many people and you should be aware in order to be able to give positive responses when asked by customers or clients. Being able to explain the ways in which your business is environmentally friendly may give a positive image for your brand.

Even the smallest of business can make a positive environmental impact